This is the fourth and final week of Fit2B Challenged. If you are a little behind, don’t worry. You don’t have to do the combinations exactly as written.  So let’s just plunge in, shall we?

Combo #10

Ankles & Upper Body

Insane II

Thigh Workout II

Total Length: 58 minutes

What I Like About This Combination
I really enjoy Ankles & Upper Body as a warm up. Insane II is definitely a challenging workout. I like the Thigh Workout, but the two together seems like overkill. There are too many movements that repeat between the two workouts. Mind you, that is just my personal opinion. These are both good workouts, I just don’t like them back to back. But Ankles & Upper Body is always a hit. It’s short but effective.


Combo #11

Basic Aerobics III

Kettle Bell II

Yoga 4 Runners

Total Length: 61 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

I was really dreading this workout. Mostly because I don’t like Kettle Bell that much. Yes, it is a good workout, but for me it requires such constant vigilance of my core that it hardly seems worth it. But I was pleasantly surprised. Basic Aerobics III was great as usual. Kettle Bell II started slow, but once we got into the second half of the video, I started to get in the rhythm and like it a bit more. I would never do this in a gym, but if I’m looking for a combination of cardio and weights, I may return to this one. Yoga for Runners is a great stretch even if you aren’t a runner. I have only run once or twice since my 5K in October and I still found this to be very beneficial.


Combo #12

TummySafe Kickboxing

Body Sculpting

Neck Routine

Total Length: 58 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

Tummy Safe Kickboxing is another of my go-to workouts. When I need more cardio than Basic Aerobics but don’t have enough time for Tabata Kick & Squat, this is my choice. It works upper and lower body. While I know I need to be doing weights, sometimes I just don’t have time. I always feel intimidated going into Body Sculpting but I really enjoyed it this time around. I highly recommend the Neck Routine if you suffer from regular neck and upper back tension as I do.

Bonus Workouts

Yoga & Pilates Loaded

Weighted Warriors

We’ve finally finished all the current Fit2B Challenged Combinations, at least until Bethany invents a few more. This has certainly been a challenge for me, both with difficulty and time. I realize how hard it is to regularly guarantee that I will have a hour or more to workout. But I also think that it has been good for my stamina for push myself this way.

Come back after the New Year as I start my own take on the 5X5 challenge. Join me and start 2015 with healthy, but attainable fitness goals.

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