Warm up: Mula Banda

A new workout, hurray!
Yoga and Pilates Loaded – This workout definitely added a nice weight component to what would have otherwise been a relatively easy but relaxing workout. I highly recommend a yoga mat for it though. While Bethany occasionally uses a soft rug, you almost never see her use a yoga mat. But if the workout has anything on your knees, I highly recommend it. I had trouble with the side lifts because my knees kept sliding across the floor and I found the gate pose painful without some support. Next time I’ll definitely pull my yoga mat out for

Basic aerobics III for a bit of quick cardio


Warm up – Chair Pilates
I haven’t done this workout since I tried it during Fit2B Beginning, but it was still nice. I recommend it if you are feeling overly tired, sick or recovering from pregnancy or injury. But it still provides a little bit of core work through sitting versions of teasers and similar movements.

Backside Burner
This was a good workout but for reason it didn’t really make my backside burn.
I also threw in a little Totally Transverse just for good measure.


Rockin Yoga and Pilates
Ok, so this one made my backside burn. The Pilates side leg series just about killed me. I had to keep stopping to wait for the burn to ease before I continued. This was great because it reminded me of my old Pilates workouts in the pre-diastasis days. (I still love those Ana Caban workouts and I’d love to go back to them if I feel like I can confidently modify movements without causing my diastasis to reoccur). This felt like a “real” Pilates workout. I felt a slight sweat and a subtle burn, which is something I’m used to feeling but not often since starting Fit2B Studio (with the exception of many of the weighted arm workouts). I hope this one starts working better on the Roku, it was down the day I tried and I had to use my laptop, because I’d definitely do it again. This could easily become a favorite of mine.


Wellness Day: 20-30 Minutes cardio plus Dumbells workout.

I chose Jump Change for my cardio workout. It is definitely a good cardio and high impact. I mean high impact in the positive way, as in help to improve and preserve bone density not the negative way as in you want to die afterwards. That being said I probably didn’t get the full benefit of the workout. During the first half my two year old spent the whole time saying “Belly!” and repeatedly uncovering and touching my stomach. During the planks he kept pulling up my shirt and blowing rasberries on my lower back and finally during the incline plane he sat on my abdomen and bounced up and down.
So I admit it, I didn’t really finish the Dumbells workout. I got interrupted by my kids and never really got back into it again.

This last week has been a real struggle for me. I just can’t seem to fit in solo exercise and my kids don’t make exercise a fun or pleasant prospect. I haven’t done any of the extra cardio days again.
So I’m officially bit discouraged. I keep telling myself that anything is better than nothing but I feel like I should be stronger and doing more by now. Only two weeks left to the challenge and then I have to decide how I want to move forward. Do I want to repeat the whole rotation and add back in cardio? I’ve started having the desire to run again; just not in the early morning, but there is only one day that I can do a late morning run without the kids nor any evenings when I can get out before dark, not sure how I’m going to pull that off. But for now I’m going to keep pushing through this challenge. Week 5, here I come.

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