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Before I begin the review of this week’s routines, here is a quick update on my stats. I have lost some weight, which is not entirely my goal, but a good bonus. I’m almost halfway to my goal weight. Unfortunately, my busyness of our home lately is causing problems with my diet. I’m not eating enough at the preferred times of the foods that I know will power me to healing. (Though I have started Great Lakes Gelatin in my morning coffee, which is supposed to help with fascia healing).

Strength and balance wise, I am seeing some improvement, but it is very subjective so therefore hard to measure. I don’t feel as though I look any different and there is a reason. While I previously saw some healing of my abdominal separation, my DR now measures the same or possibly a little WORSE than it was six weeks after my son was born! Obviously this is very discouraging, but also helps explain why my middle doesn’t look any smaller. I may start trying to splint again at night, since the baby has finally stopped waking up repeatedly to nurse (I previously stopped night splinting because he kept getting scratched by the velcro) and the high daytime temps around here make daytime splinting horribly unpleasant.
It seems like I’ve splinted a lot in the last year; enough that virtually every splint in my house is destroyed. So I’m torn about purchasing yet another splint, but also beginning to question what I’m doing it wrong. But I’m not willing to stop and do nothing, so I’m attempting to incorporate core engagement (and my exercises from The Tummy Team) as much as possible throughout my day and keep on track with my Fit2B exercise.
Kitchen Moves

While this workout is more instructional, it is still a good one. Learning to do little exercises throughout the day is sometimes the only way to make sure you can fit it in. I know that I spent way too much of my day in the kitchen, so I might as well try to exercise while I’m there.
Basic Aerobics III

Don’t I get sick of this workout? Nope. I like that it isn’t super difficult, since I’m still healing my abdominal separation, and that it isn’t very long, since anything much longer than 15 or 20 minutes is difficult for me to accomplish with my crazy little ones running around. There are dozens of harder and longer workouts available but I keep coming back to this one anyway. It’s that good.
Ultimate Upper Body

Wow, my arms really felt this workout. I had forgotten how much strength I lost during the last few months, but I know if I keep it up, this workout is a good one to help me get my strength back. It’s also good if you need to be sitting for one reason or another. (I liked it during pregnancy for this reason).
Wood Floor Workout

This is only the second time I’ve done this workout and my first time when not pregnant. It was better than I remember. It definitely got my heart rate up a bit, but it also had a relaxing quality to the movement. Just watch your balance!

Baby Lift

Holy cow, this is a work out. My baby is about 17 or 18 lbs and it was quite challenging. That being said, my little guy loved it. I has to be extra careful to engage my core and I definitely felt some straining in my upper back, which I know is weak right now.(I also had to take quick breather half way through).


It can be discouraging when we don’t see the progress we want, but I try to remember what I heard Beth Learn say once. She said that just because we can’t measure progress doesn’t mean there isn’t healing and improvement going on; only that the technology has not yet been invented to properly track what is going on in your body. She pointed out that it used to be believed that ligaments and fascia didn’t heal, but we are now discovering that with enough time and work, they can. Patience with my body is not a strong point of mine. So if you feel like I do, don’t give up hope. Our bodies can be made whole again, even if it doesn’t feel likely right now.
(For more on this topic, check out Beth Learn’s new blog series, The Unclosed Core),

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