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I was hoping to be more consistent by now, but truthfully, I’m just barely getting through my workouts right now. (If I don’t quickly get my act together there is no way I’ll be able to review Week 6 next week). It’s not just a matter of building strength, it’s finding time. Because in my head, prioritizing exercise is the right thing to do. But the reality is that the urgent things in my life (baby that needs to nurse or nap, children that won’t stop whining or fighting until they are fed, bills to pay, laundry to do, etc) always seem to get in the way.

Thigh Workout II

It has been a long time since I’ve done this one. Last tried when I was in my third trimester, I didn’t have enough muscle control and flexibility to do the “Thigh Thing.” But now I can, while still keeping my core steady. It’s very encouraging. Yes, it is a tough workout, but not insurmountable if you’ve made it this far.

Plain Ol’ Pilates

While I definitely didn’t find it as relaxing or enjoyable as one of the Pilates in Pajamas routines; this is a good, solid Piilates workout. It reminded me of some of my favorite pre-Fit2B routines.
Kelly’s Total Body Toning

Ah, it’s good to see you again old friend. This is still one of my all time favorite workouts on Fit2B, because in less than half an hour, you get a full body workout with constant core reminders. I was pleasantly surprised how well I was able to engage and squeeze my core almost every time Kelly reminded me too. Yes, my lower back and shoulder blades were a little sore from some compensation, but when I put my hand on my stomach I felt my belly button pull inward almost every time. This is huge. My separation may not be shrinking the way I’d like and my stomach may not look any smaller, but here is an encouraging sign of growing strength. The arm routine section especially taxed my muscles, but sometimes it feels good to know you still have muscles places that feel so jiggly.
Tummysafe Gentle Blend

This is a gentle workout, but don’t confuse gentle with easy. Whenever I come back to this, I’m always struck by how physically demanding it is, while also being slow, steady and gentle. I had to workout, especially the side leg series, but it felt good to move for a longer period of time as well. Getting in longer workouts is so difficult, but it’s also something I know I need to do to grow my strength and endurance.
Daily Double

Totally Transverse

Basic Step Aerobics

Since my DR has not been making the progress I’d like, I was happy to see Totally Transverse back in the schedule. Plus, I’ve been looking forward to doing step aerobics again. I really like Basic Step and I was able to pick up most of the combinations fairly easily, except for the turns at the end, which really through me. (I’ve always found mirroring turns hard). I’ll definitely be coming back to this one. Once you’ve grown stronger, you might even be able to add some light weights to this, for an upper body challenge.


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