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Week 3 Goal: Four 15-20 minute Fit2B routines

This week had a slow start and I found myself kind of cramming all the routines in at the end, but I also found a few ways to challenge myself. If you are feeling tired or discouraged don’t feel afraid to return to the Foundational Five for a while. When I’m feeling sore or exhausted doing one of those is definitely preferable to doing nothing.

Tummy Safe Transitions

I had planned to use this as a warmup to something else. But it ended up being about as much as I could manage in one sitting. In addition to being very tummy safe and a great transition (hence the name) from the Foundational Five to more comprehensive workouts, this is actually very well rounded as far as full body movement. Which is part of why I keep coming back to it time and again. The balance portion may get harder as I get bigger, but I will modify it if I need to. This will definitely remain on my pregnancy short list.

Basic Aerobics III

I’ve done this workout so many times, but I still don’t really get bored. It does exactly what it should do, give me around 15 minutes of solid movement that will let me break a light sweat, but maybe not need to shower afterwards.

Ultimate Upper Body

I do especially appreciate that this workout is done mostly sitting down. I don’t want to neglet my upper body during pregnancy, but it’s also easier to let my core go or slip out of good alignment when trying to lift weights in a standing position right now. So this makes it a great pregnancy choice if you still want to do a few light weights.

Hold It!

I haven’t done this workout in quite a while. It is usually a little bit slow moving for my taste. However, as a pregnancy workout, it is great. The twenty minute length can be challenge with my kids running around, but it also hits about the outside limit of what I can handle these days.

Week Three Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 20-25 minutes on just one additional day. This can be cumulative, meaning that you do 10 minutes now and 15 later.


It’s been a while since I did a longer cardio workout, but I really wanted to try it just to see if I even still have the stamina. It helps that Kickboxing is one of my favorites but I haven’t tried it yet this pregnancy. Wow! It felt good but at the same time it was very hard. (It didn’t help that I had to stop the workout at least five times to deal with my kids). Probably the hardest part was the floor work at the end. It was so much more painful than what I remember of the last time I did the Thigh Workout. (Of course when I do the Thigh Workout in Week 5, I may feel differently). My glutes were really burning. This workout definitely pushed my limits of pregnancy fitness, but since it was a favorites of mine pre-pregnancy, it felt good to get back to it again.

I just squeaked through Week 3, but Week 4 is waiting so I must push forward.

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