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Week 4 Goal: Three 20-25 minute Fit2B routines + 1 Daily Double

Basic Aerobics IV

This is the second time I’ve done this workout, but the first tiem I ncluded hand weights. It’s a really good workout. I may have to do it without the weights as I am furthera long in this pregnancy, because I have to really concentrate to keep my core engaged.

Wood Floor Workout

This is definitely an unusual workout. I was a little nervous at first that I might slip and fall, but I was actually able to do the majority of this with only a few modifications. Portions of it reminded me a lot of doing center barre in a ballet or modern dance class. I appreciated that it was a slow moving but steady workout. If your balance is still decent, I would recommend this as a good pregnancy workout, just be sure not to slip and fall.

Pilates in Pajamas

Because I was running a little behind on this week’s schedule (and took two days off in a row), I got the bright idea to do The Wood Floor Workout and Pilates in Pajamas back to back. Since I have done Pilates in Pajamas many times before I figured it would be no problem. While it was doable, I wouldn’t call it easy either. I love Pilates in Pajamas because it is such a laid back workout but it still really works your muscles. That being said, it feels totally different while pregnant. I made modifications as needed, but it was still quite challenging. The later part done on my back is usually very relaxing, but in this case it seemed to highlight the stiffness I’m having in my sacrum and tailbone area. It wasn’t painful per se, more like mildly uncomfortable. I’m hoping that it may have helped keep the area somewhat mobile so I won’t be as s stiff in general.

Daily Double
Vertical Core Workout

Basic Step Aerobics

This daily double is a great combination since I often like to do a basic core workout along with whatever my workout of the day is, so Vertical Core Workout. This was my first attempt at the Basic Step Aerobics. I really enjoyed it, though I found I had to make sure I was concentrating on maintaining my core rather than getting too into the choreography. It will be interesting to see how I do with the Basic Step Aerobics II. Yet another strong cardio workout that falls under the 20 minute mark. I’ll definitely be coming back to this one. (It would be great if it was added to the Roku).

Week Four Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 25-30 minutes on two additional days.

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

This is the first time I’ve attempted this workout since I got pregnant. The upper body was harder than I remembered, probably because I haven’t been doing much upper body work lately. I did find most of the movements to be very pregnancy friendly though.  I like that this inciproates enough core work that I don’t feel the need to do an additional Foundational Five, plus it’s very well balanced. If I can maintain my stamina, I’ll definitely keep coming back to this one.

Basic Step Aerobics II

Since I’m assistant teaching dance right now and not performing until after the birth of this next little one, I didn’t realize how much coordination (and stamina) I’ve lost this pregnancy. Then I did Basic Step Aerobics II this morning. Wow! I look forward to coming back to this when I’m not carrying another person strapped to my abdomen. It’s a great workout, but it stole my breath and make me feel like a lumbering bear. I’ll definitely try it again. This definitely has more choreography than Basic Step Aerobics I, but it’s still worth a try, even if you have to muddle through a bit. Just keep moving. Even if your feet or wrong or you don’t catch every leg change, it still counts as exercise.

This week was definitely a greater challenge, but I felt like I also worked out more consistently. The only downside I could see was that I had more trouble fitting in the Foundational Five because I didn’t have much energy left after the longer workouts. This is something I need to try to do better with in the future. But overall, I’m pleased that I actually managed to complete all the workouts this week. It’s OK if you didn’t. As Bethany Learn always says “Something is better than nothing.” Join me for Week 5 next week, or repeat Week 4 if you think you aren’t quite ready yet.

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