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Week 5 Goal: Four 25-30 minute Fit2B workouts + 1 daily double
This is definitely the hardest week yet, but still doable, even in my pregnant state.
Thigh Workout II

Since I haven’t done this workout in so long, I decided that I would  do it without the weights. Which was an excellent idea because I really struggled with it. Most of the standing portion was OK, but the side leg series was very difficult. It’s probably related to the pregnancy but there is definitely a stiffness to my pelvic and hip joints that makes these kind of moves very difficult. I’m hoping that it’s just hormones and I’ll be able to get back to more normal mobility after the pregnancy. I also wasn’t sure about the extended amount of time spent on the floor at the end. I did occasionally find it difficult to catch my breath and I definitely modified the shoulder bridges and hip circles. Overall, great workout but it’s not a favorite of mine and I won’t be using it as a regular maternity routine.

Plain Ol’ Pilates

This is a good Pilates workout. However, it’s not a great maternity workout. Floor work on my belly was hard to do pregnant. I also found the leg work on my back to be difficult because of how stiff my sacrum has become this pregnancy. Remember that some pregnant women can’t lay flat on their backs for too long. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, make sure to change position. This is a good workout, and I look forward to coming back to it again when I’m not pregnant any more,e but I don’t think it’s one I’ll stick with this pregnancy.

Kelly’s Total Body Toning

This is the second time I’ve done this as a maternity workout. I love the core section. It helps me almost as much as one of the foundational five. The arm section kills me every time. I can never get through it without having to stop and let my muscles rest if only for a few seconds. (Which is probably good since I’ll be hauling a newborn around soon enough, I need to get my artm strength back).Even though it hurts a little (good hurt, not real pain), I will definitely try to keep this one on my schedule for as long as I can.

Tummy Safe™ Gentle Blend

For some reason I was dreading this workout. I was convinced that I remembered it felt really long. Slower workouts can be hard sometimes because of the stamina necessary for the more sustained movements. But I was pleasantly surprised. After the first ten minutes, we got to the gate poses and side leg series and I was sure I wasn’t going to make it. But then once I got past that, everything else was rejuvenating and gentle. I was able to stretch all the tight and stressed areas of my pregnant body virtually pain free. (With the exception of my lower back which hurt a bit during the final series done flat on my back). Yes, I modified things a lot. I did the easiest of the five demonstrated versions of the side bridges. I had to focus a lot on breathing and maintaining my core, but I managed to finish. This definitely has some good things going for it as a maternity workout.

Daily Double – Try to do both in one day
Basic Aerobics III

What more can I say about this that I haven’t already said? It’s a regular part of my routine, and it will continue to be. It’s nice to know I can get my heart rate up for a short period of time without needing enough stamina for a much longer workout. If you are pregnant, like me, keep this one handy when you want some cardio or just to get yourself moving.


I’ve always this workout but I haven’t been back to it for a while. I think this is a good workout while pregnant because it helps with balance, which is something I often struggle with during pregnancy, it is a challenge without being painful or leaving me breathless. I did opt to do some of the balancing movements without the weights, but that’s OK.

Only a week to go and I think I’m glad. This has been a good challenge but I’m ready to start scaling back soon. What I have been learning though is that consistency is good even if my stamina and strength aren’t. Even if I do something everyday, that still serves a purpose, even if I can’t do 30-60 minutes a day anymore. The last week is going to be a rough one, but I’m determined to get through it.

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