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This past week has been rather an unofficial blogging break. (Meaning I didn’t plan it, but I did enjoy it). However, I didn’t want to let another week go by without sharing part three of my Fit2B Inspired series, Restoration and Relaxation.

I wanted a weekly schedule that would work well if you need a little break. Whether it’s your monthly cycle or just an overly stressful week, sometimes you don’t have the energy for your usual level of intensity when it comes to your workouts. When those times come, these combinations are the answer. Definitely still working out, but taking a step back to focus more on stretching and gentle strengthening. You won’t find any high intensity cardio routines, but neither will you be taking it easy either.


Totally Transverse

PMS Routine

Kelly’s Wall Workout

Total Length: 39 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

When you aren’t feeling so great, referring back to the Foundational Five is important, because when we are tired it is easy to forget to properly use our core. PMS routine is a great choice on a yucky Monday morning; stretching and soothing.

I wanted this to be a week focused on taking it easy, but after all the work I’ve been putting into my arms for the past month or two, I didn’t want to give it up entirely this week. So Kelly’s Wall Workout is a short workout that will work upper and lower body, but not long or super demanding.



Basic Transverse

Peaceful Blend

Total Length: 50 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

So this is still messed up on the Roku, (it plays the Gentle Blend instead) so it is a little less convenient that I have to use my lap top instead, but I still like this workout. It is long. I’m surprised how much that bothered me. I used to love long workouts and my usual goal is 45-60 minutes of exercise a day. But usually that involves two or three workouts, not just one. That being said, this is relaxing, but also physically challenging, which makes it perfect for an off week.



Totally Transverse II

Ankles and Upper Body

Simply Stretching

Total Length: 48 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:
I really enjoyed this combination. It was a great length and a wonderful way of easing into my day. It’s been a while since I did Ankles and Upper Body and I totally forgot what a great workout it is. It isn’t as intense an arm workout as Ultimate Upper Body or Insane Arm workout, but it is still effective.  As far as Simple Stretching goes, it’s hard to go wrong with a stretching workout. Honestly I don’t find stretching alone is my favorite kind of workout, but combined with cardio or serious strength training it is a nice cool down. That being said, when I am just too tired or not feeling well enough to do much else, workouts like this one make me feel like I’m still exercises and keep my momentum going.



Mula Bandha

Gentle Blend

Total Length: 41 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:
Sometimes Mula Bandha feels like I’m not doing anything, but I know it continues to be important to focus on the little things. To do this workout really well requires concentration, and not very much time. Pelvic floor and core work are always important. Even if you do it while the kids are eating breakfast or right before heading to bed. The Gentle Blend is still a challenging workout for me. Beth Learn offers so many different kinds of modifications of the movements that it will continue to be challenging for a long time to come. I’m starting with the easiest level and working my way up. So far, it still kicks my butt every time, especially the gate pose and side leg movements. It makes me feel good and yet lets me see how far I have to go.



Tummy Safe Transitions

Total Body Stretching

Total Length: 36 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:
It’s really hard for me to get tired of either of these workouts. Tummy Safe Transitions is such a fun workout and it uses all your muscles without being painfully challenging. I love the use of the sensory ball for ankle rotation, balance and coordination. Total Body Stretching is something I should really be doing almost every day. These stretches coordinate perfectly with the Tummy Team abdominal rehab and it’s a great reminder to me rather than just pulling out my Tummy Team worksheets.



Pilates in Pajamas

Total Length: 23 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:
What’s more perfect for a Saturday morning than Pilates in Pajamas? Seriously, if your kids are watching cartoons, grab your cell phone or laptop and do this routine. It’s long enough to offer a good workout, but short enough to squeeze in on a busy Saturday. This is a solid Pilates workout, in my opinion on of the best on the site. If you loved Pilates before but have been nervous because your now know that not all movements are tummy safe, than this is what you are looking for.



Kelly’s Floor Core

Total Length: 16 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:
This is really a rather challenging workout. Yes, you are on the floor so it seems like it would be easier, but gravity is not your friend in this case. This is not a beginner workout. This is a good workout if you want something more like traditional floor based ab work, for whatever reason. But it will require constant vigilance of your abdominals and alignment to make sure you don’t let your core bulge or your ribs thrust open. I wouldn’t even attempt it unless you are well on your way to diastasis healing. That being said, I see it as a fun challenge for myself to see how I’m improving in this area.

Next week will be the final week of my series, and the most challenging one as well. So I hope you feel rested and restored because we’ll be making one final push toward our fitness goals.

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