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If you’ve been with me since Week 1, bravo! You’ve taken an important step toward building a healthy daily exercise habit. If you weren’t able to keep up along the way, that’s OK too. (I’ll let you in on a little secret, sometimes I don’t get them all done either. Or I take a walk with my kids instead. It’s all good). If you’re just joining us, feel free to jump on in or then go back and see what past weeks were about. But always listen to your body. Don’t push too hard too fast. It’s not a race. The goal is a strong and healthy body. These combinations are in some cases shorter than in previous weeks, but they are definitely more intense. These are some of the more challenging workouts on the site.

I want to give all thanks and credit to Bethany Learn and the staff of Fit2B. This is some of the most consistent exercise I’ve had in years and I’ve even started running again in addition. But I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for Bethany’s constant encouragement throughout Fit2B Beginning and Fit2B Advancing plus her presence on the member forum.



Totally Transverse

Body Sculpting Outside (only available on Roku for now, sorry no link).

Insane II

Insane Upper Body

Total Length: 63 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

This is a great workout and quite challenging. If it feels like too much to do in one sitting, feel free to break it up into two or three sessions throughout the day. Body Sculpting Outside make a good cardio warmup and Insane II really pushed it further, adding some weights and more intensity. Finally, Insane Upper Body focused on the upper body weights. This is definitely one of the toughest combinations I’ve done yet. I may actually not be ready to do it yet. I think I’ll repeat the whole month rotation from the beginning before I try this again.



Basic Transverse and Mula Banda

Rockin Yoga and Pilates

Kettle Bell I

Total Length: 56 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I love doing Rockin Yoga and Pilates on the Roku again! This is a great workout. It’s a bit different than anything else Beth Learn has done. I love that it incorporates so many of the traditional Pilates movements but at a higher intensity and added a little bit of weight. This is definitely going back onto my favorites list. I don’t own a kettle bell yet, but I used a dumbbell which worked pretty well. I probably should buy a heavier set of dumbbells just for this workout and then I can use them for the other upper body workouts when I’m ready to increase my weights. I found some of the movements to be confusing, but over all it was still a good workout. I’m going to wait until I try and full Kettle Bell II workout before drawing any final conclusions, but suffice to say I don’t quite understand the draw of Kettle Bell yet. It’s a good workout but there are so many better choices on Fit2B. I used Basic Transverse as a cool down and it was great.



Totally Transverse II

Kelly’s Core Cardio

Ultimate Upper Body

Total Length: 45 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I sometimes run on Wednesday nights so you may find that my routine doesn’t seem difficult enough. So if you need it, for bonus you can add the Insane workout. Honestly, I didn’t need it, I found that these were a difficult combination on their own.



Mula Banda

Pilates in Pajamas II

Kettle Bell II

Total Length: 60 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I always love coming back to Pilates in Pajamas II. It’s just a fun workout that incorporates weights in a way that increases resistance without feeling like serious lifting. This was my first time trying Kettle Bell II and only my second or third time trying Kettle Bell ever. I actually enjoyed it. I used a dumb bell rather than a kettle bell and it worked just fine, though I probably should consider a heavier weight in the future. I did lose the grip on my dumb bell during the portion of the video when you are passing the weight around your back. Other than waking half the house, no one was hurt, but it make me realize how much you have to consider safety with vigorously moving any kind of weight. Today I closed with Mula Banda and it made a great cool down.



Align it Flat

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

Total Length: 46 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

Every time I do the Total Body Workout with Kelly Dean I’m surprised by how challenging the arm movements are. There aren’t even any weights and yet I find her arms series to be one of the most challenging I do, plus it gets my heart rate up very quickly without taxing any lower body joints. If you are less mobile than you would like to be due to lower body joint issues like knees or hips, do this workout just for the upper body and you’ll also get a great cardio workout. I find that Align it Flat works well as a warm up or a cool down. As a warm up it helps you really focus on good alignment during your workout. However, since most of Fit2B focuses on good alignment I’ve found this is even more effective as a cool down. It’s easy after a workout to walk away tired and just slump and flop. But by closing with Align It Flat I’m setting my body up for good alignment for the rest of the day by having it be the last thing I focus on. It has worked well for me, especially at the end of the week when all I really want to do is crash on the couch.



Squat Prep

Hold It

Total Length: 32 minutes

What I Like This Combination:

This was a great low key start to a Saturday morning. Squat Prep feels easier than the first time I tried it and I think I might actually be improving. Hold It is different from other kinds of Fit2B workouts because the majority of the focus is on sustained movement. So it really works your core and as well as other small stabilizing muscles to help you hold the various positions. I chose Saturday mornings because my husband was around to help with the kids. Those slow sustained movements aren’t recommended if you have little ones clinging to you. In the past I’ve found it very hard to balance trying to do this work out that way.



Core wake up

Yoga for Runners

Total Length:  19 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

Bethany recommends doing Yoga for Runners very gently if not doing it after a run. This was a wonderful stretching routine to start my day with. Combined with Core Wakeup I felt like it was a quick but affective way to start out a Sunday morning, which is often my rest day anyway, so a little core work and stretching is just enough to make me feel like I’ve been active rather than taking a day off fully.

So this is officially the end of the four week rotation. I’m currently trying to train for a second 5k, which is a huge task for me. But I don’t want to give up Fit2B altogether. So next week I’ll be debuting a new series about combining Fit2B with a Couch to 5K program or aerobic walking program. After that hopefully I’ll be in good enough shape to move forward with Fit2B Challenged. Thanks for coming back each week and if you haven’t already become a member of Fit2B I highly recommend it. It’s changed my life.
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