My kids were quite excited to workout with Mommy. They have done some of the kid workouts on the Fit2B site before, but usually they just sat and watched. This time I made it clear that I wanted them to try the workouts and let me know what they thought.


Wiggling Warriors

My son got quickly frustrated with which leg to straighten and which to bend and gave up. (Which is often his way of dealing with new challenges). My daughter lasted a bit longer but commented that it felt hard to her and that she doesn’t think her muscles are very strong. I thought it was a great workout and ideal for what my sons occupational therapist suggested to help with his unusually weak core strength. We will definitely revisit this one.


Bitty Bellies

My kids actually loved this workout. I think it really helped them become aware of their core muscles. Even the baby got in on the action and insisted that I unsnap his onesie so he could look at his belly too. It was also amazing to see how many movements come naturally to kids. The two year old could do three legged dogs and downward facing dog so easily without even being told.


Robot Yoga

My daughter initially claimed herself too mature for this workout, but ended up participating anyway. My son loved it. The less gentle movements seemed to appeal to him, plus he loves making robot noises. I don’t know if the gender of the kid matters, but I appreciate that Beth involves girls and boys in her various workouts. I think it made my son feel like Fit2B was for him too, even though usually he only he’s me and Beth Learn doing these.


Teen Yoga I

Beth does a great job in this workout of introducing some basic yoga poses. I like that she had boys and girls demonstrating. My five year old lost interest in this one quickly, but my eight year old daughter gave it her best effort. It was definitely difficult for her and I could tell she felt uncoordinated. But I was glad she attempted it and I’m hoping she’ll be willing to attempt it again.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how the first week went.  I felt like the kids were getting more comfortable with following along with the video and my daughter seems to prefer slower more controlled workouts like stretching and yoga.  My son seems to prefer workouts that give him more freedom to move in ways he doesn’t naturally rather than trying to conform to a particular pose. The toddler is just happy to be along for the ride. I’m excited to see how things develop as we move along.


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