My kids seemed to still enjoy themselves this week, though my daughter definitely had more fun than my son. My son still has a very hard time controlling his muscle movements and due to his vision issues and under developed proprioceptive system he falls down a lot. But I still wanted to encourage him to keep trying so we continued forward.


ABC Exercises

This is a perennial favorite of my kids. Even the two year old got in on the fun. It is a very informal workout but my kids enjoyed shouting out their own suggestions for some of the letters as well. (My son thought we should actually make our bodies into the shapes of the various letters which wasn’t entirely a bad idea).


Teen Yoga II

I think my daughter liked this even better than the first one, though she still find it quite challenging. Her body is not quite mature and strong enough for many of these movements but I admired that she chose to challenge herself anyway. I like how much Beth tries to make yoga accessible to this age group. At a time in their lives when their bodies are changing so rapidly, I think yoga can be a good choice to help growing kids focus on body awareness and balance.


Ninja Moves

My 8 year old liked it, but wishes we’d known in advance we needed swords we could have pulled out our foam swords or light sabers. The changing camera angles made it a little bit difficult to follow. Since it wasn’t on the Roku channel yet, we had to use my laptop. With two kids trying to do the workout, and angle visibility being lower on a laptop, this led to many arguments and lots of disagreement. My 5 year old gave up when he said he couldn’t follow the moves well enough. My daughter expressed some disappointment that Miss Beth didn’t lead the workout. As a parent though, it was nice to see the kids empowered to do their own workout.


Stretching with Kids

Overall, I was pleased to see a stretching specific video for kids. With all the growing pains my kids seem to have, this workout seemed ideal. My daughter especially liked the partner stretch at the end. It also helped me notice how poor my daughter’s body awareness is. Just trying to replicate the movements was pretty challenging for her. The dance teacher in me took notice, and this is definitely something I need to help her work on.


Next week we’ll be covering a few of the lower key kids routines and I look forward to seeing what they are able to do.


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