We’ve been having a lot of big emotions and sleeping issues going on at our house, so these workouts were a perfect solution.


Small Vs.Big

This is perhaps the first workout where all of the kids, even the two year old, were equally engaged. No one complained or got frustrated and they participated in the fullest extent. I don’t know if it was because of the simplicity of the concept, do a small movement then do a similar big movement, or if it was the way Beth and Sarah related to each other on screen. Either way, my kids loved it and asked when we could do it again!


Kids Bedtime Stretches

My daughter loved this routine. She has since asked me to do these stretches with her before bedtime stories on a few other nights. I think she’d like me to make it part of our regular bed time routine. She’s had quite a bit of insomnia in the last few weeks, so I try to encourage her to do some of these stretches or walk her through them myself as one of the many coping strategies we’ve added to help aid her body in falling asleep.



Basic Kicks and Punches with Owen

Both my kids seemed to get really into this one. The five year old struggled with how to mirror the movements he was seeing on the TV and got a little aggravated. (As you can tell, this is a common reaction he has when being faced with something that doesn’t come easily to him.) But both kids did complete the workout. For whatever reason, they found it a bit easier than Ninja Moves so I think we’ll come back to this one.


Kids Bedtime Routine

This was very successful for us. (Aside from the two year old trying to stand on the 8 year old and making her cry). The five year old had some trouble transitioning between the various positions, but it really calmed him down. (You need to understand that my son is almost never calm and still. After this workout, he pulled a blanket over himself and asked if he could go to sleep. Too bad it was only 4:30.) I’d love to memorize this one and do it with my kids before bed each night. We’ll definitely be trying this again.


The last couple of weeks we’ve spent a lot of time out in the nice fall weather, and some of the overly hot still, nearly summer weather as well. My kids have not always been interested in exercising with me, but I’m not too worried. I love Fit2B and I’m excited to introduce them to new kinds of movement. But I’m most happy to see them running around outside and being kids. Nothing else can really replace the wonderful natural movements they do in play.


I wanted to take this moment to highlight the amazing new Fit2B Girls Course.

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I’m going through the course now myself and sharing age appropriate parts of it with my 8 year old daughter. I know it will be a great resource we’ll come back to again and again over the next few years.

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