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I had a great set of routines planned to share with you all during the first trimester, then I had the worst first trimester ever and didn’t start exercising again until almost 14 weeks. So if you have easy first trimesters and are able to stay super active, I will make suggestions of additional workouts you can add to what I suggest below.

One of the best things you can do during pregnancy is walk. (Really all the time, but pregnancy too). So I start by automatically saying, walk as many days of the week as you can manage, even if it’s only a short walk. Even if it means taking the kids along (and walking at their pace) or hauling them in the stroller.

My first trimester (or early second trimester if you’ve taken some time off from exercise and are just starting back again) include starting slow.

As always, the Foundational Five are crucial. Try doing one of them every day.

The other routines I recommend include:

Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching

PMS Routine

Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

Pelvic Floor Connections

Restorative Poses

Core Wake Up

Vertical Core Training 

Tummy Safe™ Transitions

Squat Prep Tips

If you are feeling up to something a little more aerobic, besides walking, I also like Basic Aerobics II, III, or IV.

I recommend doing these routines for about two weeks until you feel comfortable. If it feel easy after the first week, that’s a good opportunity to add basic aerobics.

Next week, we’ll be picking up with the new Fit2B Beginning and then transitioning to my own maternity exercise combos which have been working well for me so far, now that the nausea is fading. It all seems appropriate given that we are beginning an important journey towards a healthy pregnancy.

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