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This is one of the few sections of Fit2B that I haven’t explored heavily yet. While I have tried several of the maternity specific workouts, I haven’t used all of them yet, and I haven’t tried this pathway yet, so I thought it would give me something to focus on (besides getting my house ready) during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

I’ll say right now that I can’t promise that I’ll get through all these workouts. I have five weeks to go (maybe a little more or less depending on baby) so if I suddenly disappear, don’t be alarmed, it probably just means that baby has arrived and the series has been suspended.

If you are in the third trimester, like me, listen carefully to your body. If a workout is too long or too hard, don’t finish it. But don’t beat yourself up either. Right now you want to stay active but you don’t want to injure yourself or push yourself too hard. Your primary job is to get ready for the arrival of baby and all the mental and physical work that goes with it.

Day 1

Labor Prep

This makes a great warmup to other workouts, but it can also stand alone. Like Squat Prep and Foam UNrolling this is more of a collection of suggestions than a full workout. But that’s OK. This short workout was a great review of much of what I learned in my birth class and gave me some good ideas to try for this next delivery. (Which will hopefully be soon).


Day 2

Pelvic Floor Connections

Restorative Poses 

This was a wonderful restorative workout. It was hard to get through with my kids yelling in the background. If you are in a place in your pregnancy where you can workout when your kids are asleep or elsewhere, do it. It will make these workouts much more relaxing. While I do have a little trouble with some of Pelvic Floor Connections at this point, it is still worth trying to do some of the exercises.


Day 3

Chair Pilates

Chair Yoga

I’ve been really struggling to fit exercise in for the last week or two so it felt great to be able to do these workouts. They were relaxing yet I still felt like I was working some muscles. Plus, since I was sitting I didn’t get the numb leg issues I sometimes struggle with or lose my stamina too quickly. (Honestly, I spend far too much of my day on my feet as it is, so this was a restful treat to be able to exercise sitting down).


Day 4

Chair Blend

I expected this to be very similar to the Chair Pilates and Chair yoga and while there was some overlap, this definitely has some differences that are worth noting. I really struggled to sit in proper alignment without slouching onto my tailbone, but fortunately the movements were simple enough that I was able to modify and really focus on alignment without having to completely give up the workout.

Basic Chair Fitness

This was my first time doing either of these workouts. The Basic Chair Fitness is a good one to keep around, especially during my later pregnancy and postpartum recovery. I was surprised by the amount of upper and lower body work that you can get out of this workout if you want to.

I think that these various chair routines and probably going to be an important part of my postpartum recovery and I may still come back to them before the end of this pregnancy.


Day 5

Kitchen Moves

As Bethany mentions in this video, this is more of a demonstration of suggested movements than a whole workout in itself. The first half the is more warm up or workout like however. I’m going to try to integrate more of these into my daily routine. (I actually worked on a batch of muffins while doing this workout).

I’m not sure exactly how many weeks I’ll be doing in this series. Officially I have three weeks left to my pregnancy, if baby arrives on time. (Though my last was ten days late). So whatever I don’t finish I’ll be sure to review during my postpartum recovery. I’m excited to make Fit2B part of my transition back this time around.

Fit2B New Moms Week 2


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