I lost some time last week, between travel and extreme exhaustion I didn’t exercise for almost a whole week, at least with Fit2B.  But when we were visiting friends I took a hike and a very long walk. Don’t let your exercise schedule keep you from living your life.


Kelly’s Core Cardio

It has been a while since I’ve done this. I like the hooping motion because it uses a slightly different set of muscles than other typical cardio. It was a little more challenging to maintain my core engagement but I was still able to do it.
Bag A Better back

My first time ever doing this workout. Ironically all I could find to put in my grocery bags was my 3 lb hand weights, but I could totally see myself filling these bags with random kids toys or the shoes that seem to be constantly blocking my front door. This was a surprisingly challenging upper body workout. One of the best parts about it is how easy it is to make the workout harder when you are ready. Just add more stuff to your bags. Like so many of Beth’s workouts, this works well in real life. Grab a few bags, whatever you have to add weights and go.
Body Sculpting II

This is technically labeled a challenging workout. But Beth provides multiple suggestions for modifications and I made sure to use them. Though this is called body sculpting, I think it actually makes a good short cardio routine. (Which is great because I’ve been running out of short cardio).
Bag a Better Booty

This was a really interesting workout. The bags I used had handles that were a little too long, so it was hard for me to get the full workout within my current range of motion, with good alignment. As often happens, my supporting leg got an even stronger workout than the leg that was in motion. Trying to avoid sinking into my supporting hip while still lifting weight with my free leg was definitely challenging. I can see how this workout may help me learn to use good alignment while dancing.
Hipster Chair Moves

This is only the second time I have done this workout. It’s a fun little workout. Not too long. Definitely does some great work on the legs, hips and glutes. (In retrospect perhaps not the best choice the day after Bag A Better Booty, but I did OK).
Mula Bandha

My favorite part of this, even after so many years of doing it, is the tree pose. It really changes the focus a bit and helps me make sure I’m not compensating with other muscles. If it’s been a while since you’ve tried this, it’s worth a revisit.
Restorative Poses

This is so relaxing, especially if there aren’t any kids around. This workout can really be as long as you like, just pause after each stretch and rest in each stretch for a while longer.

I am back to really struggling with getting up early in the morning, which means that I have a hard time getting my workouts in. I wish I was already as strong as I want to be, running miles again and doing yoga and lifting weights in between. But I’m not there yet. So I have to accept it and do the best I can for now.


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