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Yeah! You are half way done. In my experience this is usually the part where I start to feel a bit more confident. You really can do this. You may also find that running is becoming a bit more normal. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit so now you’re on the right track to building a healthy running habit. If you’ve started developing any kind of pain or minor injury, now is the time to address it before it gets worse.  During my training for my first 5K, I had terrible knee pain until I started strengthening my hip flexors. As long as I did those strengthening exercises with my resistance band, I was pain free. If you haven’t gotten properly fitted for running shoes before now, do it. I settled for only OK shoes the first time around and the foot pain was awful once I was several weeks into training. Find a store in your area that specializes in runners and they should be able to get you lined up with the proper shoes. If you are from my area, I highly recommend the Aardvark Sports Shop.


Day 1

Running Day

Core Wake Up

Run 5 min, Walk 3 min; Repeat 4 times


Day 2

Weight Training Day

Ultimate Upper Body

Totally Transverse


Day 3

Running Day

Mula Banda

Run 5 min, Walk 2 min; Repeat 3 times


Day 4

Weight Training Day


Totally Transverse II


Day 5

Running Day

Vertical Core Training

Run 5 min, Walk 2 min; Repeat 5 times


Day 6

Long Cardio Day

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

Align It Flat


Day 7

Stretching Day

Basic Transverse & Mula Banda

Yoga for Runners


A brief word of warning. don’t neglect your core work. It’s easy to skip it to save time, especially on running days. But I’ve found that it makes all the difference in preventing various kinds of compensation pain when running. It’s really not that much of a time investment, and it makes it easier to run just a little further. Keep going, you’re halfway there!

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