“Look, Mommy, I’m making my trains go.” my daughter calls from the living room floor. Just a few feet away I barely look up from my computer. I have marketing emails to send, blog posts to write and final edits to be made to my advent devotional before it publishes in the next week.

“I see, sweet heart, that’s great.” I say, only glancing up briefly as if to say, “See, I looked.”

“Honey, look at this sweater, do you think it would look good on me? Maybe something for church or going out to dinner? Come here and minute and tell me what you think. It will only take a sec.” Knowing full well it will take more than a sec, he puts down his laptop, leaving behind his own marketing woes, and sits next to me. He gives his opinion and reminds me that I am beautiful.

So often I only look with my eyes, not with my heart. I give brief attention to the seemingly unimportant aspects of daily life, not engaging as I should. My daughter doesn’t really care if I look at her trains. She wants me to see her, to engage with her. To tell her, without saying a word that she is loved and wanted. My husband accomplishes this better than I do.

I need to make more time to watch with my heart, not just my eyes and really look. Not just at my daughter, husband or son, but at any person who comes into my life. We all deserve to have that kind of attention, especially from those who care for us.