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After the first two weeks, my separation was still 2-3 fingers and deep, so I decided to go back to splinting. Now this may not be of benefit to everyone, but I felt that I wanted to wear my splint regularly again. Basically I don’t wear it during the mornings, except during exercise. If I’m out of the house I usually don’t wear it unless I know I’ll be doing some extended baby wearing. When I don’t wear it at all during the day, I will wear it at night, otherwise I usually take the night off. For more information on splinting check this out.

Lesson 11

Stretching + 1

I love the Kelly Dean Total Body Stretching workout and I chose Totally Transverse II as my plus 1. Even if I’m sick or exhausted, both these workouts are manageable.  (If you’ve done the stretching workout before, you can fast forward through some of the instruction portion).

Lesson 12

Basic Aerobics III

Oh how I have missed this workout! It’s been several months, probably five or six if I really counted. It felt so good to move again and get my heart rate up. Plus I was able to engage my core almost the whole time, which was a great feeling.

Lesson 13

Basic Aerobics +1

I think I made it pretty clear how much I love Basic Aerobics III. It’s short, but gets the heart pumping and if I could only have a few workouts to choose from, this would be one of them.

I chose Mula Bandha as my plus 1 because I like to try and highlight one of the transverse workouts and one of the pelvic floor work outs at least once a week. Even as I move on to bigger things, this is still my goal because I feel that it helps me remember the basics.

Lesson 14

Totally Transverse


Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

This is a great workout. I feel great. This is probably what I wish I could do everyday: core work, light cardio or strength (Transitions is a bit of both) and stretching.

If you are already a Fit2B member, I highly recommend incorporating these into your regular rotation. I try to do TTII and Mula Bandha at least once a week. I try to work the stretches from Kelly’s Total Body Stretching into my day at different points, similar to how Kelly recommends in the video. This way, even if I have a rough week exercise wise and I can’t seem to fit any in, I know my core will remain strong.

Doing this course has helped me get back on the exercise wagon. I know it is something I need for my mental and physical health. I also want to be strong again, for my kids and for my life.

After this I’ll actually be restarting Fit2B Beginning again. If you are ready for the next step, feel free to join me.

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