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I’ve shared before about how after my miscarriage I went on a quest to remove unnecessary toxins from my life. For me this included my skin care, makeup and toiletry products. (Except for my deodorant. I just haven’t had the guts to give it up yet. When you’ve suffered for years from excessive sweating and have finally found a solution that works most of the time, it’s hard to consider giving that up.)

Some makeup items were easy. I love my powder and blush from Everyday Minerals.  But there were two things I could never find good substitutes for: mascara and lipstick, which are often touted as major offenders when it comes to additives and toxins. But fortunately, I’ve now found some great solutions.



Redeeming Beauty

Last spring I made my first order from Redeeming Beauty. One of the products I was most excited about was the mascara. While I don’t use it daily, I do like it when I’m dressed up. (It should be noted that this product is smudge proof but not water proof. But I haven’t had any problems so far and it’s definitely easier to remove than most conventional mascara.)

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Cowgirl Dirt

I only recently discovered this great company whose products are both organic and made in the USA. I may not be out working on the ranch, but I appreciate the hardworking woman image this company portrays. Sure, I spend half my week smeared in various bodily fluids produced by my small offspring. That doesn’t mean I don’t want great skin or to look nice sometimes.

Lipstick, Lip Gloss and other Lip Coloring

Everyone has a different idea of what makes good lip color. Some people want the heavy color and staying power of lipstick, others of us want a lighter touch. Fortunately when you are trying to find healthier products, there is now a decent selection of choices.


EveryDay Minerals Tinted Lip Butter

This is kind of a compromise between lipstick and lip gloss. It isn’t super shiny, but it also doesn’t color the lips as heavily or as long lastingly as lipstick. But it makes a creative everyday color choice. I have two or three shades and love them all.


Madeon Hard Lotion Tinted Lip Balm

Three choices of color for the lip butters. This will give you a thicker texture, more like lipstick, but the color is still subtle. I also like the plain and the peppermint is comparable to Burt’s Bees. I love supporting small businesses when I can and this is a great business selling a great product. Try one of the versions of their famous hard lotion bar too, if you suffer from habitually dry skin, especially in the winter.

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Cowgirl Dirt

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Yee Haw Lipstick, Bodacious Botanical Lip Gloss, Bulletproof Lip Glaze

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Loving the lip stick and lip gloss so far. Especially Georgia Peace lip gloss and War Admiral lip stick. I’ve also tried Cow Bell and Barn lip gloss and Sweet Tea lip stick. I love that they offer samples for just a $1, which provides me with several opportunities to try a new color before committing. These are by far my favorite products I’ve founds so far. I haven’t had a chance to try the recent addition, Bulletproof Lip Glaze, but I’m looking forward to it.


Redeeming Beauty

The lipstick is nice color wise but the application is rather fussy. I always seem to make a mess of it. I also don’t find that the shea butter base coat is nearly moisturizing enough. I wish she offered some kinds of samples the way Cow Girl Dirt and Everyday Minerals does, but as a small business I can totally understand why.


Check Out Samples

Both Everyday Minerals and Cowgirl Dirt offer low cost or free samples of many of their products. This is great because it lets you try a color before having to purchase a whole lot of it. (I wish Everyday Minerals still offered sample eye shadow for this reason. It takes me a long time to use it up and I hate to be stuck with a color that doesn’t really work for me). These also make great stocking stuffers.

My favorite for lip color is definitely Cowgirl Dirt, even though it is a little pricier. They have a wide selection of products and colors but applies and looks most like conventional makeup. Plus, the low cost samples allow me to make sure I like something before investing in a full size version.