My first official week since finishing up The Tummy Team rehab. As I resume doing Fit2 and The Tummy Safe Path, it seemed like a fitting time to try the rest of the Kelly Dean workouts on Fit2B. (I reviewed the Wall Workout and Total Body Toning last week). Some of them are familiar but not all of them.

Kelly Dean’s Floor Core Workout

This is a great workout if you need or want to be on the floor. It is entirely on the floor. As Kelly mentions in the workout, this will give you ideas if you are ever in a group fitness class and everyone else is doing crunches, so you don’t feel left out. I took a ballet class once where we did a ton of planks. I found myself wishing I had known a better alternative. (I usually opted for incline planes) So it’s nice to see a workout that includes one for crunches at least. Is this a favorite? No, because I prefer to work my core in a standing position. As Kelly also mentions, the core is stronger in a standing position so that’s what I shoot for. (That and my kids take any opportunity that I’m on the floor as a chance to wrestle).

Kelly Dean’s Total Body Stretching

I did this workout early in my ab rehab and it was great for relieving some of my upper back pain. It basically takes you through many of the stretches that Kelly covers during the 8 week core rehab program. If for some reason you are unable to do abdominal rehab with The Tummy Team. This workout combined with the Foundational Five, will help. It won’t totally replace the benefits of rehab but it will help give you some of the benefits. The upper back stretches especially are helpful. I still have chronic upper back pain, even after having finished the program, so I’ll definitely be coming back to this stretch from time to time.

Kelly’s Core Cardio

I’d done this before, but I’d forgotten most of it except the hula hooping, or as I should call it phantom hula hooping. The backbone of this workout consists of hula hooping, without a physical hoop. That works just fine for me, given that I have never been able to keep a hula hoop up, not even when I was a kid. It will get your heart rate up but also keep your core engaged if you follow Kelly’s cues. If you are just starting to include cardio in your routine again, this is a good choice.

Bedtime Relaxation with Kelly

This is a great way to relax at the end of a hard day. If I could manage to remember, I would do this routine lying in bed each night before I fall asleep. I love the way Kelly takes you through each muscle group from bottom to top, all the while focusing on your breathing and releasing of the days troubles. This might also be good to do during kids naptime. I’m usually feeling the mid-day slump right around then and need something to keep me going. I might end up napping afterwards but at least this would definitely take the edge off of a rough day before plunging into the pre-dinner and dinner hours. (Which is also the crazy hour at our house.).

If you’ve completed abdominal rehab and are working through way through the Foundational Five at Fit2B Studio, these workouts are a great transition back into full body fitness with cuing that will remind you of your abdominal rehab exercises.


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