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We are approaching a time of year when these two things run rampant: competition and comparison. Who has the best holiday decorations, and most Pinterest worthy homes. Which kids got the best toys (and grownups too).  I’m still really struggling not to do this. Yes, I still do it in spite of myself. Wishing I could afford to give my kids gymnastics lessons or music lessons. Feeling like I’m not as good a homeschool mom because we don’t have the most top of the line curriculum. Wondering if I should be hosting a big holiday party.

But the truth is, I can only do my best and what I believe is best for my kids. Sometimes I have little choice in the matter, there is only so much money so I have to make do with what I have. Other times it’s about strategic choices. Homeschooling falls into this category for us. We homeschool not because we think it’s better for everyone, but because we believe it’s best for us right now.

The concept of abundance vs. scarcity is one we recently discussed in our MOPS group. I can be doing a good job as a parent, so can someone else even if we have different philosophies. There is not a predisposed limit to the number of good moms in the world. I think one of the best things that Jamie recommends in this chapter is prayer. When we are praying for someone to succeed it’s hard to being comparing to her or competing with her.

As we all head into the holiday season, I need to spend more time praying. Praying for a better sense of gratitude with what I have. Praying for success, health and happiness for all those I might encounter, especially if I find myself falling into the comparison trap.


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