So in light of my recent news of a transverse/oblique positioned baby, I saw my chiropractor yesterday to talk about the Webster Technique. Based on my simple understanding of the process it involves making adjustments to my pelvis, spine and hips so that the baby can more easily turn into the correct position. It will probably require several appointments, two or three times a week. But I’m hoping it will be worth it as most practitioners claim a very high success rate. Today she sent me home with a stretch to do, one that I actually had already been doing. Basically I get on the floor on my hands and knees and alternate arching and flattening my back. (Also call Cat and Camel stretches). The hard part will be making sure I sit properly. Ideally I should be standing on lying on my side most of the time. But when I do it, I can’t recline back the way I have been, while it does help with my SI joint inflammation, it will apparently only encourage the baby to remain in his current position. I go back again tomorrow and then three times next week. Each appointment I’ll be getting new exercises to do at home. My hope is that my ultrasound scheduled for next week will show some progress. But the best part is how positive the chiropractor was. She said she couldn’t offer me any guarantees but that she wanted me to keep thinking positively and remember that the baby is probably going to turn. So hopefully I’ll get some good news next week and we can get this pregnancy to term without any more problems.