I love California Baby products. I first discovered the calendula cream as a diaper rash treatment before my daughter was born when I was researching cloth diaper safe rash creams. For some reason, I bypassed the California Baby diaper rash cream altogether and just began using the calendula cream. It was expensive, but fortunately it went a long way. I still love this for my daughter’s ultra dry skin and I like to use it on my face as well. I also love their Aloe Vera cream and I’m hoping to try the botanical Calming Cream too. While these products aren’t specifically marketed to adults (though apparently a more adult line is coming, including an ultra moisturizing night cream), many of them work quite well. They are definitely more expensive than some of the cheaper options our there, but compared to the expensive lines from Aveeno, Clinique or even Mary Kay, they aren’t too bad.

Other products I recommend include the shampoo. After my daughter was born we used the traditional Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo that we were given as a gift. It does smell lovely. But after doing some research I was concerned about levels of unhealthy chemicals and numbing agents in it. The corresponding body wash and lotion also seemed to leave my baby daughter’s skin overly dry. The shampoo certainly did nothing to help her severe cradle cap. Even my pediatrician mentioned that while J&J products are popular (and given out as free samples at the hospital) they aren’t necessarily the best for some babies’ skin. So we tried the California Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner. These products are naturally no-more tears. No numbing agents needed. We soon discovered that our daughter’s hair didn’t really need to be washed every day or even every other day. Sometimes we would bathe her and just condition her hair, without shampooing. I also discovered that a little bit of conditioner with a spray bottle with water makes a cheap conditioning spray which has made brushing her hair much easier. Now I don’t like to use anything else on her but California Baby.

For myself, I also like the Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Shampoo. It’s definitely not as strong as regular shampoo so it will take some adjustment, but alternating the Tea Tree Oil shampoo with the baking soda and vinegar combination definitely helped my hair transition better when I first tried the No Poo method. The Tea Tree Oil shampoo also makes a great face wash, especially if you are a little acne prone. Hopefully I’ll soon have my husband converted to using it. It is very concentrated so it lasts a long time. While I haven’t tried it for myself, some people recommend using Tea Tree Oil & Lavender shampoo followed by the Calming Diaper Area Wash and then the Calming or Calendula Cream as an acne prone skin treatment regimen for teenagers or young adults.

I don’t love how expensive these products can be, but they are definitely easier to find. Our grocery store, Target, Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath and Beyond / Harmon Drug carry these products in varying varieties. I especially love purchasing items at Bed Bath and Beyond / Harmon Drug and Buy Buy Baby because I can use coupons to make them more affordable. There are also several cloth diaper retailers including Cotton Babies, who also carry a nice selection of California Baby products. So if you are looking for a low toxin level toiletry product for yourself or your children. Give California Baby a try.


These reviews have not been solicited or paid for by California Baby. Though I would love to test and review new products for them.