Two weeks ago we finished up the Fit2B Beginning path at Fit2B Studio. So now I’m pressing forward into Fit2B Advancing. The hardest part about this so far has been fitting in the cardio days. There are some days that I just can’t seem to fit exercise in. I’m hoping this will become easier when I have the option of plopping the kids in the stroller and going for a walk (though my near 40 lb almost five year old is probably getting a little big for that, I suppose I could try the wagon if my arms can take it). But I feel like being able to get outside will make it easier.  Here in the northeast, spring still seems very far away.

Fit2B Advancing Week 1

Pilates in Pajamas 2

I decided to switch things up by doing Pilates in Pajamas 2 instead of the recommended Pilates in Pajamas. It was fun. A great basic, tummy safe Pilates workout. Sometimes I miss my old Pilates workouts. Occasionally I’ll take one out and try to do it in a tummy safe way, usually by avoiding lifting my head too much and making sure my abdominal muscles don’t bulge, but I always end up back at Fit2B Studio because I know I won’t injure myself if I follow Bethany’s cues.

Tummy Safe Transitions

I love this workout. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe because it was the first workout that I did after finishing the Foundational Five where I felt like I could really feel the muscles of my whole body working. It may be a shorter workout, but it really works several different muscle groups. (I was tempted to post a video here of me trying to do this work out while my son begged for his toy ball back yelling “Ball! Ball!” repeatedly. But I decided against it)

Wall Workout

This isn’t a bad workout, I just don’t love it. It is very short. But that can be a good thing. We don’t have a convenient wall to do it on (I use the front door), so the inconvenience does take some of the fun out of it. Overall these two workouts together make a pretty good combo, especially if you are short on time.

Peaceful Blend

I’ve reviewed this workout before, as it is a perennial favorite on these tracks. It has the distinction of being one of the longest workouts on here, while also being both relaxing and yet a good workout. I will also reinterate, that while I prefer to exercise in the morning, this is a great evening exercise. It will get your heart rate up, but sill winds you down to sleep well. If I had a choice, I’d do cardio in the morning and something like this in the evening. (Most days I don’t get a choice, it’s when I can find a free half hour).

This week I didn’t get much concentrated cardio other than snow shoveling, but at least I got something.

Still trying to find ways to workout in some capacity most days, but I just don’t seem to be able to pull it off. Maybe it will be easier when the weather is warm and I can just take a nice walk with the kids after dinner. But right now, Wednesday’s, when I go to work, and Sunday’s when we are often at my parent’s house, make it hard for me to put in 6 or 7 days of consistent exercise. (Plus, I usually eat more on Sunday’s too. Bad combination.)

So onward to week 2. Are you advancing along with me? Share your favorite Fit2B Studio workout.

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