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I hope those of you in the United States enjoyed our turkey, pumpkin pie and other traditional Thanksgiving foods last week. As the year is coming to a close, now is our chance to finish out strong and go into the New Year feeling confident. Welcome to Week 1 of Fit2B Challenged.


Combo #1
Totally Transverse II

KettleBell Workout

Backside Burner II

Total Length: 58 Minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

When I first saw this combination I’ll admit I was a little worried about how long it would take me. But it actually wasn’t bad. I usually do a core workout anyway and the KettleBell Workout isn’t very long and it isn’t super intense either. It’s a great intro to Kettle Bell. For the first time, Backside Burner actually felt a bit easier. My son sat on my lap while I did the thigh thing and I was still able to rotate with a larger range of motion and keep my core strong. The only downside I can see if that this is also one of the shorter and less intense combos in the bunch, so it will get harder from here.


Combo #2

Align It Flat

Basic Aerobics II

Love Handles Lost

Total Length: 61 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

I like this combo, but it was a little heavy on alignment reminders. I love that Love Handles Lost spends time practicing good alignment, but that also means that it makes Align It Flat a bit redundant. I think I’d rather see it paired with something else. But over all a good workout without being super hard. This is a great one to start with actually, even though it’s second, to see if you want to try Fit2B Challenged. Basic Aerobics is always a hit because it’s good solid cardio. I come back both Basics Aerobics II and Basic Aerobics III time after time.


Combo #3

Pilates In Pajamas II

Gentle Blend

Ab Attack

Total Length: 64 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

This is a good combo, but similarly to Combo#2, I find it a bit redundant. Gentle Blend is really a complete workout all by itself, and there is a lot of overlap between Pilate in Pajamas II and Ab Attack. I think would have preferred to see something like Insane Upper Body or Ultimate Upper Body workout combined with Gentle Blend, or maybe one of the Basic Aerobics routines. There was just a bit too much repetition for me. But it was definitely challenging.

What did I do the rest of the week? I did Kelly Dean Total Body Toning and Kelly Dean Total Body Stretching.

If you are looking for any additional workouts I also recommend Kelly Dean Wall Workout and Body Sculpting Outside (Roku only), for short but effective workouts.

Week 1 down, 3 more to go. Next week it’s going to ramp up quite a bit so get ready.

A New Challenge: Fit2B Challenged


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