Last Saturday I had my first book signing. It was exciting, it was terrifying. Mostly it ended up being a lot of fun. People aren’t quite in the Christmas frame of mind yet, so I wasn’t expecting a ton of buyers.  But what I got was an amazing outpouring of support from friends, family and social media contacts. The first hour was kind of slow. Let me tell you, during that hour I was seriously reevaluating the decision. But the second hour was buzzing with people. I was so grateful for the friends who bought my book and also those who just came to check out my event and show book stores that people really are interested in these kind of books.


Photo courtesy of Kinsey Gensel

One of the most interesting sales of the day was to a total stranger. I know, that sounds weird, but honestly I have a lot of local contacts, so most of the sales of my book so far have been to friends, family or fellow church goers. But I’d never seen or met this woman before. She spent a long time looking through my book. She asked me some questions about my faith tradition and theology background. We talked for a while about how we both love Advent and Christmas. I talked to her about our family celebration of Advent when I was growing up and how my mom loves Christmas carols with their wonderful theology that we often overlook. In the end, she bought my book.

It was an exciting moment. Someone who had no other reason to know or trust me was going to read my words and allow them an influence into her mind and soul. As a reader and writer, that’s huge. (As a frugal person, the fact that she was willing to pay money for my book is, in some ways, even bigger.)


Photo courtesy of Kinsey Gensel

It reminded me again how lucky I am to have this space to share my thoughts. When you click onto this blog, you are taking time to read these words, humbly shared as they are. You are saying that what I have to say is worth reading and that your limited time is well spent on them. I am touched and humbled. Thank you again for this continued opportunity.