This week’s focus is Challenge.

This week I really hit the ground running when it comes to increasing my fitness. My goal was to do Fit2B Studio workouts at least 5 days a week, if not more. I’m kind of following a messy combination of The Tummy Safe Path and Pathway to Amazing Arms. I’m also still trying to do time on the stationary bike 3 days a week. I know that a combination of cardio and strength training each day is best for my body when it comes to helping to ward off diabetes, help me lose weight and build strength.

I love that Kelly Dean and Fit2B are so compatible.

The two suggested routines that Kelly featured in this week’s rehab were familiar by name but I had only done Love Handles Lost once and I had never done the PMS routine.

So I decided to try those this week.

Love Handles Lost

I had only done this routine once before and I remember it not being a favorite. That hasn’t changed but it was nice to do something different. The beginning was harder than I remembered. The Gate pose with the bicycle really pushed me to remember to engage my abs, but it was so challenging for my hips and glutes that it was tempting to just let go. Fortunately I was also splinting so I knew I couldn’t do too much damage. I loved the cool down at the end. One of the things I love most about Fit2B is that she almost always includes a good cool down as part of the workout. The highlight of the workout was Beth Learn’s excellent tummy safe cuing.

PMS Routine

I had never done this routine before but I thought it would be a relaxing routine that still engaged my muscles. It was exactly that. It definitely had its challenging moments, but it also helped to release some of my tenser muscle groups. I was doing it very early in the morning and it had me so relaxed that I wanted to go back to bed. I could definitely see why this would be a great option rather than forgoing exercise altogether during your cycle (which I have had to do in the past).

As far as Tummy Team progress goes, I still haven’t totally solved my recurrent upper back pain, but I’m trying to do stretches and shoulder rolls to release the area. It happens when I’m at the computer for long periods of time and if I’ve been doing a lot of active sitting without a break to get up and walk around. (Such as in church or in the car).

I can’t believe I only have one week left of this program. In some ways I feel like maybe I didn’t get all out of this program that I should have. But I do have all of my handouts for future reference. Maybe I’ll be back again to do the pre-natal rehab program (though it would be great if I don’t really need it). I’ll admit to being nervous about really kicking my fitness routine back into high gear. I’ve been slowly transitioning back and I’m also battling keeping a healthy weight right now. I know I need to make exercise a daily part of my life again and I want all that hard work repairing my core to be more visible.

Tummy Team Week 8: Independent Core Strong Lifestyle 


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