It hasn’t been easy around here lately. As we get ready for some major transitions, it can be downright overwhelming. As often happens during times of stress, hubby and I have had quite a few disagreements. The kids pick up on our stress levels and it ramps them up as well.

But I’m trying to remember something: We are a team.


One of the things we decided when we got married is that we are always each other’s advocate and support. We aren’t on opposite sides, we fight together, for us and our family. So yes, things have been rough lately. Sometimes it does feel like it’s me against the world. But I have to remember that we aren’t alone. We have each other.

This man, this crazy, confusing, aggravating and wonderful man who has been my partner and friend for the last 13 plus years, and has stood by me through it all. When times are tough it’s easy to forget and see him as my adversary. But just because we may look a problem from different perspectives (and often propose very different solutions) doesn’t mean we aren’t fighting for the same thing or working towards the same goals.

So today I remind myself again, I am not an island or a lone wolf. I am yoked with an amazing man so that we can pull together toward our dreams, and more importantly, towards whatever God may have for us in the future.




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