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I cannot do everything. I have two hands, one set of ears, and another of eyes. (Sometimes I wish they could work independently of each other, but that just isn’t how life works). If I had to say what the hardest transition to three children has been, it’s that more than ever (though certainly not for the first time), it seems like there needs to be more than one of me.

One for the never ending piles of housework. One to spend quality time with the big kids and manage their education in the way I wish I could. One to give the baby the undivided attention and care that he needs. Another to plan and make from scratch, healthy meals for the family and deal with the inevitable clear up afterwards. Yet another to be a strong and rested support support for my husband.

But there is only one of me. I move from task to ask throughout my day, limited in time, energy and focus. Constantly trying to prioritize. Which is more important: reading a book to my son or finishing cooking dinner? Cleaning the bathroom or dealing with the piles of laundry? Breaking up a fight between my older children or pumping breast milk for the baby?

I have accepted that I have limits, but I have yet to fully make peace with it. It always feels as though if I could just work a little faster or if I was just a little better, somehow I would be able to get it all done. (I know this isn’t true but it doesn’t stop me from trying whenever I forget). Supermom is a myth. So why can’t I stop trying to be her?

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