My faith may be the center of my life but that doesn’t mean I have everything figured out. Sometimes it’s rather the opposite. The more I learn about what it means to live by faith, the less I seem to understand. Even though I still cling to what I know is true, I still have questions and doubts, many of which I know won’t be answered on this earth.


As I officially relaunch my blog (you’ll probably see adjustments being made even as this series goes along), I have renewed my commitment to be honest. That means you’ll see and read the good, the bad and the ugly from me. (I’ll try not to make the good look too cropped and airbrushed, the bad too dire or the ugly too hideous). But I will continue to share how I actually think and feel without trying to make everything sound like the happily even after ending of a romcom.


My theme for 31 Days this year is Honest Reflections on Faith, and I’ll be participating in the lovely sub-challenge 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes as well. (You can also check out my fledgling attempts at Instagram at bethanyvitaro as I take on the #MyCozyFallHome challenge).


31 Days of Honest Reflections on Faith is kind of a tall order. Because mostly I don’t like to admit when my faith crosses paths with big and messy questions. But I’m going to try it anyway. Follow along or join me with your own thoughts, reflections or writings during 31 Days.

Day 1: Another Sunday Morning (Worship)

Day 2: Tell Me Again (Tell)

Day 3: Be An Apprentice to Beauty (Create)

Day 4: More Than Wishful Thinking (Hope)

Day 5: Not In What, In Who (Trust)

Day 6: What Kind of Character Do I Want to Be? (Story)

Day 7: On Loan Not On Hold (Hold)

Day 8: Parenting Is a Crucible, But I’m Not Alone (Truth)

Day 9: Some of the Best Things In Life Defy the Plan (Plan)

Day 10: I Can Love Only Because I Am (Listen)

Day 11: When It Was Just Us (Remember)

Day 12: Motherhood, Writing and Faith (Write)

Day 13: Because Sometimes Love Is Hard (Invite)

Day 14: Do Not Try, But Do Strive (Try)

Day 15: What Remains (Remain)

Day 16: I Am Known and Named (Read)

Day 17: Not Done Yet (Grow)

Day 18: Not Just the Pretty Parts (Share)

Day 19: Not the Strongest, Not The Bravest, But Still Here. (Brave)

Day 20: What Happens When You Get Everything You Wanted? (Discover)

Day 21: To Honor and Be Served (Give)

Day 22: The People in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light

Day 23: Dishes, Diapers, and Being More Like Jesus (Work)

Day 24: Bring on the Red Pen (Revise)

Day 25: To Write is to Be (Because)

Day 26: Through Storms and Calms (Change)

Day 27: Overcome But Not Consumed (Overcome)

Day 28: At the End of the Day (Connect)

Day 29: Keep to the Path (Follow)

Day 30: Parenting as a Refining Fire (Refine)

Day 31: His Yoke is Easy (Rest)