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This is something I’ve been thinking over a lot the last year or two. Since my son was born I’ve been trying to figure out what my purpose is. Yes, I am a wife and mother and I value those things. But I also have a mind, a college degree and creativity that yearns to be used. One thing I’ve realized is that I need to be writing. Sometimes that means blogging, other times it means working on my novel or Lenten devotional. Other times it means just putting my thoughts down on paper so I can try to make sense of the cacophony that runs through my head on a daily basis.

If I know who I am, it is easier to know where I am going. Sometimes the big goals are scary, and seem impossible, but then I need to break them into small attainable steps. My goal for a long time was to post nearly daily on my blog. I’ve now developed a 3-4 day a week posting schedule and I participate in 5 Minutes Fridays as well. There are weeks I do less, and that’s OK, but I try to let that still be the standard I shoot for.

I’m still trying desperately to continue work on my Lenten devotional and my novel. Both are moving slowly. Bu I firmly believe that they are still a crucial part of my long term mission. I want to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Whether through writing a good story that edifies the reader or creating devotionals that help a family come closer to God and each other or putting out blog content that encourages and challenges others in faith and in life.

I have other aspects to mission. In the last year I’ve continually reevaluated whether I should be continue to be in leadership of the dance ministry at my church. I love the work, but the administrative aspects of the work can be wearing. But I have a strong desire to help train and encourage worshippers through dance. This means that it inconveniences me at times, but as long as people are being helped by it I’ll keep doing it. If the time ever comes that the work I’m doing is no longer having a positive impact, I’ll know it’s time to stop.

We all have missions. Sometimes our missions as wife and mom cause the other aspects to take a step back. But they are still there, still part of us. They just simmer on the back burner until a better time. Find a small way to celebrate your creative mission in life. Even if it means reading a new book on a favorite subject or beginning a simple journal. Do something and let that help you remember your mission.


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