If you’ve been around my blog for more than a few minutes, you know I love Fit2B Studio! I feel a personal connection to Beth Learn and her team and I love the way they do business. Today is the last day of the big fall anniversary sale. However, this is also only of your last chances to get such a low price on memberships. (No start up fee for monthly memberships, discount on yearly and premium memberships).


There is a very logical reason for this, as Fit2B grows and gets even more awesome (I know it’s hard to believe but they do, in fact, offer more content and value each year) they have to raise their rates slightly. As businesses grow, they have more expenses like hiring more employees, better equipment and with an online business like Fit2B, continued technology improvements to keep them up and running and expanding to offer new features to their members. Basically the more of us there are, the more it costs. (This is where I am sorely tempted to keep this amazing site to myself, but Fit2B is too great not to share).


Premium Membership $129 (normally $159)

The best bang for your buck is the premium membership. You get all the e-courses (and any new ones that come out including the much anticipated Fit2B Girls course!) plus a yearly membership that auto renews at a set rate. Basically you keep the $99 a year renewal rate, even as the site grows and they have to charge more.


Annual Membership (normally $129) $99 on sale

You can also opt for just a regular yearly membership without the auto renewal. You’ll get a nice reminder notification when your membership is almost up so you can decide if you want to renew right away or wait for the next sale. (There are only two or three sales a year though, so keep your eyes open for the best time to renew).


Monthly Membership $14.99 a month, no start up fee

Then there is the monthly membership. Normally there are some start up fees associated with this (primarily because the majority of tech support requests come from new members, which makes logical sense to me), but that fee is waived during this sale! Monthly membership will renew each month (unless you cancel it) so if you plan to use it for more than a couple of months, it’s a much better deal to opt for the annual or premium membership. I can tell you from experience that having a yearly membership has resulted in me exercising a lot more and not stressing about when I don’t because over the whole course of the year, it all averages out and I always get more than my money’s worth.


It can be hard to prioritize exercise. I know it’s good for me and I even enjoy it. But the rest of my life tends to get in the way. Activation energy is the biggest barrier. But with Fit2B I just have to get myself to my laptop or TV, pick a workout and hit play. This makes it much easier for me than if I had to get dressed and drive to the gym. The convenience factor plays a huge role in my ability to be consistent.


Plus, the support that comes from being part of the Fit2B private Facebook group is also a big plus. It’s a great place to ask questions about health and fitness but also a source of encouragement on a down week and a place to celebrate personal victories as well. Beth and her team have built not just a fitness site but a loving and supportive healthy living community and I’m so proud to be a part of.


Don’t miss the chance to join us!


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