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I’ve been absent from FMF for over a month, not entirely intentionally. I always plan to write. I have my blog open, and the theme floating through my head, but somehow the words don’t seem to make it to the page. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seemed to even have the words at times. I feel as though I have nothing to share.

At a time in my life when I feel both incredibly full yet empty; excited but exhausted. I find myself wanting to say everything or nothing. Sometimes it’s just too hard to parse words and decide what is worth saying and what should be kept to myself.  To share the truth about parenting, even when it doesn’t look pretty. To share my joy without causing aches of longing in others. I know what it is like to wait, and hope. I’m still hoping.

But I also know that more than anything I want to keep sharing my true self. The part that admits where I’m lost but isn’t embarrassed when I’m strong. That somehow, in my weakness, I can inspire others. This, to me, feels central in how we love each other as women. To really connect with each other, bearing each other burdens. Rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.

But we can’t do it if we aren’t willing to be vulnerable, sometimes exposed. To be Brave.


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