If you are just joining me, last week I asked the question: What would happen if you only did Kelly Dean workouts for one month plus the Foundational Five?

I’m definitely starting to feel more awareness in my abdominals. There is something about Kelly’s cuing that forces me to make sure I’m really engaging all of my abdominals. Plus a good review of the Foundational 5 is always welcome. This week will be using the same basic routines as last week but in new pairings.

Just to clarify something from last week. This is no way replaces abdominal rehab. There are three amazing online abdominal rehab programs available at The Tummy Team. If you think this is something you may need, don’t hesitate. (Check out more at the bottom about the one day sale!) I created this combination of workouts, because I wanted something that would create the important reminders of the elements of abdominal rehab that Kelly naturally integrates into her workouts. Think of this as review for your core before you need rehab again.

This week will be getting a little harder because I’ll be pairing the routines together. But you’ll also be getting a recharge day in between to focus more on the Foundational 5 and similar core routines from Fit2B.

Day 1

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

Kelly Dean Total Body Stretching

Day 2 

Totally Transverse II

Mula Bandha

Tummy Safe Transitions

Day 3

Kelly Dean Core Cardio

Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching


Day 4 

Align It Flat

Squat Prep


Day 5

Kelly Dean Wall Workout

Kelly Dean Floor Core
Day 6 Bonus

Try the new Pelvic Floor Connections video.
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The Tummy Team Core Foundations Online Program

Kelly Dean Project Week 3

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