Week 2: Focus of the Week – Connection

This week involved really trying to connect/reconnect with my core through lots of transverse holds and transverse squeeze and releases. However a new addition was some core stretches.

The stretches are actually very difficult for me to do, so I haven’t been doing them much. Anything that involves laying on my back really seems to aggravate my SI joints, so other than the shoulder rolls, I haven’t done these all that much. I also had a major flare up this week where I could barely walk. So I tried to focus on those transverse holds and transverse squeeze and releases when I was in too much pain to do any other kind of exercise.

The section on potty posture was repeat information from what I learned before when I did the program last year, but it was a good reminder. The daily or twice daily massage is actually kind of nice and it reminds me to apply my prenatal belly balm.

I don’t feel like I’m as strong as I’d like to be but I definitely feel more connected to my tummy muscles on a regular basis. My muscles also feel pretty tired (not unlike the rest of me, since I’m into my eighth month). But I’m just going to keep moving forward and hoping that my body can keep up.

Tummy Team Prenatal Core Week 3: Neutral Pelvis and Core Strength

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