Over the next eight weeks I have a fantastic opportunity to review the Core Foundations Online Training Program, provided by the Tummy Team. The Tummy Team are core rehabilitation specialists. They are passionate about their clients restoring their core muscles but also their lives though rehabilitation. They don’t accept the common wisdom that weak abdominals, leaking urine, and a protruding stomach can only be corrected by surgery. Kelly Dean and her wonderful team came up with another solution based on the concept of the Tupler Technique developed by Julie Tupler.

They offer hands on physical therapy at their office in Washington State. But for the rest of us who aren’t lucky enough to live near this amazing resource, The Tummy Team has launched an online training program. It is this program that I will be reviewing for the next eight weeks.

What are my goals and hopes for this program?

I am currently trying to get my body into ideal condition for two reasons. One, I have two very active children and I just plain need more energy. I know that I feel better and I am a happier mommy when my body is functioning at peak capacity. I also know that my core is still damaged from my last pregnancy. I discovered Fit2B Studio last year and that has improved things. However, I know that I could really benefit from abdominal rehab.

My second goal for this program is to help prepare my body for a potential future pregnancy. My husband and I are still open to the idea of expanding our family but because of my risk of recurrence of gestational diabetes (I’m told I have between a 50% and 75% chance) and some other factors, another pregnancy may be difficult for me physically. Not dangerous by any means, but quite possibly unpleasant. So I want to reduce my risks as much as possible. Physical fitness and a strong, repaired core are a big part of that.

My hope during this process is to close my abdominal separation. I have already had some progress doing that with splinting and modified exercises, but never entirely and it has reopened somewhat. I want to close it for good and use proper exercise to help maintain my core during my next pregnancy so I can have a good recovery postpartum.

Sure I’d like to lose weight and look better. (Looking like I’ve lost weight is as good or better than actually losing it, especially if I’m building muscle in the process). But my main focus is a healthier core and a stronger body.

If you just want to check things out, you can watch a couple of free online videos that are available at the Tummy Team. These videos are predominantly informational, but there is a great one on how to check yourself for diastasis recti. If you are already of member of Fit2B Studio, like I am, you’ve already met Kelly Dean. She does a few guest appearances in some of the workouts. But the Tummy Team is her brain child. As a physical therapist her focus is rehab, while Bethany Learn at Fit2B Studio focuses on fitness that is tummy safe so that you can prevent making you diastasis worse while still staying in shape.

I’ve purchased a 3 panel splint from the Tummy Team which I will be reviewing throughout the course of the program. I’m starting the course with a 2-3 finger abdominal separation at the belly button, about as deep as my first knuckle. I have two shallow less than one finger separations above and below my navel as well. My goal is to get it to less than one by the end. Would you like to join me?

Kelly Dean and the Tummy Team have allowed me to offer a coupon for a 30% discount of the program, but only for the next two weeks. Click this link or the below image and the enter the code laundry at check out.

Tummy Team Week 1: Awareness

Tummy Team Week 2: Connection

Tummy Team Week 3: Neutral Pelvis and Core Strength

My Skype Session with Kelly Dean

Tummy Team Week 4: Pelvic Floor

Tummy Team Week 5: Neutral Rib Alignment and Core Endurance

Tummy Team Week 6: Consistency

Tummy Team Week 7: Challenge

Tummy Team Week 8: Independent Core Strong Lifestyle

The Tummy Team

I have been provided with complimentary access to this training program in order to review it. All opinions expressed are my own and I am not compensated for my reviews. However, all posts may contain affiliate links.